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Lung Khuy Cave-Quan Ba-Ha Giang

Ha Giang is famous for its majestic mountains and dangerous passes. So many travelers often come here to conquer the northernmost point of the country. However, in addition to the majestic beauty, Ha Giang also has a mysterious beauty that few people know. It is the attraction from the caves that lie deep in each mountain that not every traveler can explore. Let’s immediately add 7 beautiful caves in Ha Giang to your checklist this year to explore.

The land of the top of the country is not only famous for the colorful flowers, high and dangerous cliffs, Ha Giang is also a place to hide many beautiful caves of Vietnam, are you ready to explore and check in these caves? Let’s take a look at 7 caves in Ha Giang that many people may not know about.

1. Lung Khuy Cave

Lung Khuy Cave is located in Lung Khuy village, Quan Ba commune, Quan Ba Ha Giang, so it is called by the name of the village, Lung Khuc cave. This cave is considered the most beautiful cave in the existing caves in Ha Giang province in general and the Global Geopark of Dong Van Karst Plateau in particular.

Lung Khuy Cave-Quan Ba-Ha Giang
Lung Khuy Cave, Quan Ba, Ha Giang

As the cave in Ha Giang that is said to be the most beautiful cave with a length of about 300, the more you explore inside the cave, the more surprised you are because there are many gorgeous and beautiful stalactites. It would be a pity if you ever went to Ha Giang without visiting this beautiful cave. It will be more unfortunate if you have come to this cave but not heard the legend of Lung Khuy cave from the people here.

According to legend, formerly, a father and his son went to the forest to cut firewood, when passing by here, seeing a beautiful cave, they entered the cave and found the cool air in the cave and many pretty stalactites. Very excited, the father and his son broke off a branch of stalactites to bring back, from which the father and his son were seriously ill and did not survive. The villagers believed that it was because the father and his son violated the taboo of the cave god. Since then people only went to the cave to ask for water but did not dare to destroy and take stalactites in the cave. In the consciousness of people here, there is respect for this sacred cave! This is also the reason why today, this cave still retains its wildness and not known by many people.

2. Na Luong cave

Na Luong Cave is the largest and deepest cave in Ha Giang, with a width of up to thousands of square meters discovered by scientists in 2010. Inside the cave, there are many stalactites forming shapes of animals such as fish, wild boars and buffaloes due to thousands of years of tectonic process. The cave entrance is over 30m wide and covered with rare and precious trees such as: iron-wood, “đinh”, chukrasia, etc. Especially, the inside of the cave is very wide and deep, divided into many successive partitions, making the conquest process of the cave become more attractive and interesting for visitors coming here. 

Na Luong Cave Ha Giang
Na Luong Cave, Ha Giang

Since its discovery, Na Luong cave has been visited, checked in and promoted by many young people, making this cave become a very attractive destination for tourists of Ha Giang province. Cave in limestone mountains is one of the very popular geological heritage of the Global Geopark of Dong Van Stone Plateau.

3. Swallow cave

Swallow cave is located in Yen Minh district, 60 km from Ha Giang town. From Ha Giang town, passing Quan Ba heaven gate, passing pine forests covered by fog, you will arrive at Swallow cave.

Swallow cave is still wild, so it is very beautiful. Many tourists are surprised to see it directly. To enter into Swallow cave, home to thousands of small swallows, you have to cross many dense and dangerous roads. However, please be persistent, because the reward you receive will be extremely precious experiences with photos “so deep” and subtly beautiful!

4. Phuong Thien cave

Called Phuong Thien cave but this place is one of the cave complex in Ha Giang, including Whoreson cave, Lang Co cave and Phuong Thien cave. 

5. Tung Ba cave

It can be said that Tung Ba cave is the most romantic and lyrical cave in the caves in Ha Giang. This cave has a length of about 890 meters, inside Tung Ba cave, there are two underground springs forming 2 streams winding in front of the cave entrance, creating an extremely beautiful shui painting.

6. Nam Pau Cave

Nam Pau Cave is a rather “discreet” cave, hidden under the primitive old forest of Thuong Binh commune, Bac Quang district, Ha Giang province.

Looking from the outside, the cave entrance is only about 10m2 wide, but when going inside the cave, you will be overwhelmed by the shimmering and fanciful beauty of the stalactite blocks inside the cave.

7. Bach Son Cave

Bach Son Cave is located at an altitude of over 200 meters above the water level of Tuyen Quang hydropower reservoir (Bach Son village, Thuong Tan commune, Bac Me district, Ha Giang province).

Bach Son Cave is surrounded by primitive Iron-wood forest and dense creepers, which makes anyone who sees it awaken the instinct to discover themselves. The cave entrance is only 20m high, but the inside is thousands of meters wide and deep, with countless stalactites with many strange shapes, and the stalactite flows flowing throughout the day and night, creating a charming and wild beauty for the cave.

Although not as famous as the caves in other provinces, the caves in Ha Giang have unique features that tourists when traveling to Ha Giang must visit at least once.

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