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beautiful view toward Y Linh Ho village

Arriving in Sapa, visitors not only see the majestic beauty of Ham Rong Mountain, Fansipan Mountain, romantic beauty of Love Fall, Cat Cat Village, but also discover the pristine beauty of Y Linh Ho Village in Sapa.

Y Linh Ho Village is well known among tourists for its extremely wild and poetic beauty. The village is covered by Hoang Lien Son Mountain range, in addition to the mountain, there also has streams, terraced fields, corn fields, etc. There are houses made of primitive and simple bamboo in the village.

beautiful view toward Y Linh Ho village
beautiful view toward Y Linh Ho village

If wishing to reach Y Linh Ho Village from Sapa Town, tourists should follow the direction of Lao Chai Village, crossing Lao Chai Village for about 3km down at the foot of the slope. The wild, beautiful Y Linh Ho Village is appeared and disappeared alternately on the mountain slope, surrounded by magnificent terraced fields which have existed for a long time.

Visitors going to Sapa Y Linh Ho Village will be surprised by the peaceful beauty of the place. The atmosphere in the village is very tranquil, it is not noisy and animated like other tourist places in Sapa Town. Traveling to Y Linh Ho Village is also an opportunity for visitors to learn more about the daily life of the Mong – Dao people living in the village.

Y Linh Ho Village consists of many small population groups scattered living on the mountain slopes. Bamboo houses are built by the Mong and Dao people near terraced fields, corn fields, sweet potato fields, etc. where they cultivate and live.

rice terraces in Y Linh Ho Village at Sapa Vietnam
rice terraces in Y Linh Ho Village at Sapa Vietnam

The name of Y Linh Ho of the village also has a significant meaning. According to the elders in the village, the name of Y Linh Ho was created under the name of the first man who set up the village, Mr. Ly Linh Ho.

It is told that, in the past, the area surrounding Y Linh Ho Village was reclaimed by several Dao people, led by Mr. Ly Linh Ho. After a long time of living and building, a new village of Dao people was formed and called  Y Linh Ho.

After a period of time, the Dao people in Y Linh Ho started to migrate and the Mong people arrived in the village but the name of Y Linh Ho was still the name of the village to commemorate the person who built the village today.

The location of Y Linh Ho Village is now more expanded than before but still far from the main road. Therefore, tourists participating in Sapa tours to  Y Linh Ho Village  must pass a quite long, far and winding road to reach it. However, thanks to the isolated location far from the main road, the village is rather tranquil and peaceful.

Y Linh Ho Village is one of the villages spreading over the hillsides. Nowadays, the village is divided into 2 communes, referred to as Y Linh Ho 1 Commune and Y Linh Ho 2 Commune, there are about 100 households of Mong and Dao people in each commune.

Working in the rice field in Y Linh Ho village
Working in the rice field in Y Linh Ho village

Visitors going to Y Linh Ho Village will be able to see terraced fields and immense corn fields, which are very well cared by the people living here who  live mainly on agriculture. In the ripe rice season, the village welcomes hundreds of visitors to visit and take photos of ripe rice fields.

The wild beauty of the natural landscape at Y Linh Ho Village is not only the terraced fields but also Hoang Lien Son Mountain, gentle Muong Hoa Stream. Muong Hoa Stream flows through Y Linh Ho Village, bringing new vitality to the nature here.

The stream fills the terraced fields with water, brings shrimp and fish to the village. The presence of Muong Hoa Stream contributes the beauty and attractiveness to Y Linh Ho Village, making the village into a new and attractive tourist destination.

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