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The Great Tour Guide Makes All The Difference To Your Holiday

Contrary to our comical name, The Terrible Tour Guide Travel is a team of young and dedicated locals that aims to create good vibes and lasting fun memories to our guests by bringing them to the non-touristy rural outskirts of Vietnam through customizable holiday packages.

Joey (or Tung), the founder and a.k.a. The Terrible Tour Guide is a Vietnamese native who dreamt of meeting new people from different nations while traveling with them around the country. By working as a travel specialist and licensed tour guide for reputable travel companies in Hanoi, he learned the trades of responsible tourism; and by hosting backpackers through CouchSurfing, he understood what tourists are looking for: flexible adventures off the beaten paths.

One time during a fun adventure in Ban Gioc Waterfalls, his Australian guests jokingly called him as The Terrible Tour Guide. He loved the sarcastic idea and got inspired to establish such a brand.

Building the business step-by-step, The Terrible Tour Guide Travel now has a team of 20 people who design and run the most distinctive products on the market. Today, The Terrible Tour Guide Travel has already brought over 3,000 international travelers around Vietnam, not just taking people to the best spots, but also allowing tourists to indirectly help Vietnamese communities, by creating jobs for locals and participating in social charities.

If you have limited time for your trip planning and if you want to enjoy the journey as a life enriching experience away from all tourist traps, we invite you to travel with us! We have a range of unique and exclusive tours that only we can organize. The tours are not to be published yet and can be sent to your through private email. Just tell us your travel references and we will advise you a suitable itinerary

So please hesitate no more to contact us for more information! 

Why Travel With Us?

Awesome Tour Guide

A great tour guide can make all the difference to your holiday. The best guides take you off the beaten track, find the best photo spots and give insights into the local culture. At The Terrible Tour Guide Travel, we are proud that we have one who can turn your trip into unforgettable experience. Learn more about our awesome team of tour guides here!

Thoughtful Travel Advisors

They are all awesome tour guides who sacrificed themselves working a 9 to 5 job as travel advisors, all for the greater good. They might not have great sales skills, but because they are tour guides, they know every destination as well as they know what you want. Your can learn more about our thoughtful team of travel advisors here!

Experienced Drivers

Your holiday will not be fulfilled without them. With years of driving experience in winding road in Vietnam and taking care of international tourist, you will feel safe knowing  you are in right hand. Beside, they are professional, punctual, patient and friendly. You can learn more about our great team of drivers here!

Quality Guaranteed

We’re committed to maintaining the high quality of our tours. That is why, we cooperate with the best companies, including, hoteliers, cruisers and local suppliers. We are always confident that given the high quality of all our services and always do our best for you travel. If the quality of the trip is not what we said, we will refund you the money!

Best Price Guaranteed

Being local tour company, you are about to save your money, cut off all middle agents for the provided services. We will make sure you get the best value for your money. Besides saving your money, we will save your time as well, because you will not need to waste it looking for the best price, as TTTG provides it for you

Responsible Travel

Responsible travel is a rising movement and an increasing trend that can change the way we travel forever. We hope you’ll join us in re-inventing tourism for the benefit of local people, tourists, the environment and the tourism industry at large. More than operating responsible tours, we want to raise awareness and develop projects to support local needs as well as environment protection activities.

24/7 Support

Please remember, we will available for you during your whole trip (24 hours per day, 7 days per week), so you will not need being worried of the details of the trip: we will take care quickly and effectively. For anything you need, do not hesitate to contact us: we will assist you as thoroughly as you require.

Easy & Secure Booking

Booking your trip with TTTG is simple & hassle-free. Payment is easy. Your personal details are kept safe with us! Your security and confidentiality is our highest priority so we encrypt your details as they are being sent back and forth across the Internet with SSL (Secure Socket Layer), an industry leading security protocol.

Our Company At a Glance

The Terrible Tour Guide Travel is a local tour operator based in Vietnam with business license 0108048938 issued by The Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment.
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Happy Customers

Meet Our Team

We believe travelling is much more than just moving from A to B, it is a lifestyle and a way to broaden our horizons by stepping out of our comfort zones. We want to encourage people to walk the road less-traveled and discover new destinations, in order to create a world complimented and enriched by tourism.

Joey The Terrible

Founder | CEO | The "Terrible" Tour Guide

I don’t think everyone can be a guide. But I think guiding is not necessarily just about facts, it’s about having some kind of relationship with people on your tour, entertaining them…Because I’m sure from what they listen to on the tour, they only remember a certain percentage. So, you’ve got to be quite spontaneous, quite able to adapt to the circumstances around you, and also if you have a passion for it as well. I think that really shows when you’re a guide!

Come and meet us, we are very happy to introduce our beautiful country to you!

Mr. Cường Nguyễn

Founder | Marketing Manager

Ms. Thúy Lê

Founder | Operation Manager

Mr. Huy Nguyễn

Founder | The "Terrible" Tour Guide

Mr. Phúc Lương

The "Terrible" Tour Guide

Mr. Chí Nguyễn

The "Terrible" Tour Guide

Ms. Trang Huyen

The "Terrible" Tour Guide

Mr. Kiên Duy

The "Terrible" Tour Guide

Mr. Nhan Vu

Experienced Driver

Mr. Duc Le

Experienced Driver

Our Vehicles

SUV: comfortable, modern and spacious. Perfect for groups of 2-3. This vehicle is equipped with charging points for electrical goods and a line in for all your music choices. Fully air-conditioned.
Mini-van: comfortable, modern and spacious. Perfect for groups of 4-8. Fully air-conditioned.
Coach: comfortable, modern and spacious. Perfect for groups of 9-20. Fully air-conditioned.