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Love Waterfall Sapa Vietnam

Love Waterfall Sapa Vietnam

Love Waterfall is one of the tourist destinations  in Sapa attracting a lot of domestic tourists and international visitors by dreamy and majestic nature, and it is also the start for the journey to discover Sapa.
O Quy Ho Sapa Vietnam

The beauty landscape of O Quy Ho Pass – Sapa Vietnam

O Quy Ho Mountain Pass or other names such as O Quy Ho Mountain Pass, Hoang Lien Son Mountain Pass. Located at an altitude of nearly 2,000 meters across Hoang Lien Son Mountain range, the pass is situated on the National highway 4D connecting  2 provinces of Lao Cai and Lai Chau. This is considered...
Hoang Su Phi with diverse pedology and soil resources

Hoang Su Phi Rice Terraced Fields

Hoang Su Phi rice terraced fields – the irresistible beauty. Traveling to Ha Giang to discover the beauty of the ripe rice seasons in the highlands. It is 110 km from Ha Giang city, along National Highway 2 and Provincial Road 177, Hoang Su Phi is a district located in the west of Ha Giang.
Ham Rong Mountain Garden in Sapa Vietnam

Ham Rong Mountain

Ham Rong Mountain is a dragon head-shaped mountain located right next to the town center, and also a splendid eco-tourism area of Sapa. This is one of the few beautiful and shape figure mountains in Vietnam with its own fascinating and thrilling legends.
green rice fields in Ta Phin village, Sa Pa, Vietnam

Ta Phin Village

Sapa has gradually become an attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists in the North of Vietnam. With poetic mountain landscapes, Sapa is the place of highland people, especially those living in the villages, with their unique cultures. Ta Phin village of Sapa is one of the most visited villages.
Hoang Lien Son

Hoang Lien Son in the top 28 world most attractive destinations in 2019

On November 27, National Geographic magazine announced the top 28 most attractive destinations in the world in 2019. Hoang Lien Son, Sapa reaches the 7th place in this list to be the most fascinating destination in Southeast Asia.
Long Tong Festival in Ba Be National Park

Long Tong festival in Ba Be National Park

Long Tong festival is organized annually, this is the cultural and spiritual activity of Ba Be people. Since 2014, Ba Be Cage Festival has been recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as a National Intangible Cultural Heritage.
beautiful view toward Y Linh Ho village

A pristine beauty of Y Linh Ho Village

Arriving in Sapa, visitors not only see the majestic beauty of Ham Rong Mountain, Fansipan Mountain, romantic beauty of Love Fall, Cat Cat Village, but also discover the pristine beauty of Y Linh Ho Village in Sapa.
Lao Chai Village Sapa Vietnam

Lao Chai Village – Sapa Vietnam

Located 7-8 km to the Southeast of Sapa Town, Lao Chai Village is a village of the Black H'Mong ethnic group. Therefore, visitors can pay a visit to Lao Chai Village from Sapa without spending too much time on traveling. Visiting Lao Chai Village, visitors can observe and learn about the culture and customs of...
View of Dong Van Sunday Market

Dong Van Sunday Market

Located in the old quarter of Dong Van town, Dong Van fair market is held once a week on Sunday. Dong Van market is the largest exchange and trading place in Dong Van - Meo Vac plateau. This fair is located in the community of Dong Van Old Quarter, is a major center of economic...
Dong Van Karst Plateau

Dong Van Karst Plateau

Dong Van Karst Plateau, also known as Dong Van Highland, is a stone plateau spread over four districts, including Quang Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van, Meo Vac of Ha Giang province. Dong Van Karst Plateau has an area of 2356.80 km2, located 150 km from Ha Giang town, having the average height from 1.000 to...
Silver Waterfall Sapa Vietnam

Silver Waterfall Sapa

The feeling of standing in the middle of the majestic mountain forest and listening to the sound of a waterfall streaming down make us see how humble we are. Standing at the foot of Silver waterfall to watch the incredible and magical beauty of the waterfall when touring Sapa is really fascinating.