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The crowded Khau Vai love market attracts many people from the villages

Khau Vai Love Market

Have you ever heard about Khau Vai love market in Ha Giang? It is a unique market, bringing many cultural identities and customs of the upland ethnic minorities. This is not just a normal market but a 'love market'. Let's travel to Ha Giang to explore this unique market.
Pac Ngoi village among the mountainous landscape

Green beauty of Pac Ngoi village

Leaning against the mountain, looking down on Ba Be Lake, among beautiful stilt houses is Pac Ngoi village - Tay's cultural beauty - an interesting destination for tourists coming to Ba Be National Park.
Ta Van village rice terraced fields, Sapa

Ta Van Village – Sapa

Visiting the Ta Van Village, travelerswill be stunnedby the idyll, rusticcityblending with the humble but marvelous houses of the locals in the village.
Giay Ethnic People

The unique culture of Giay ethnic people in Ha Giang

Located on high mountain passes in Meo Vac district, Tat Nga village, Tat Nga commune, it is a main living place of the Giay ethnic people in Ha Giang. Besides the natural landscape, the special cultural features here are specially preserved, making it become a remarkable place for tourists to discover Ha Giang province.

7 things you need to pay attention when conquering Fansipan Mountain (Part 1)

Coming to Sapa, visitors are not only sightseeing ordinary and simple monuments of this highland town but can also take part in risky activities, challenging their own abilities such as conquering Fansipan Mountain. To overcome this challenge, you must be prepared mentally as well as physically. Here are some experiences which will help you conquer...
The lui market is the busiest activity of ethnic people in Ha Giang every week

The “lui” Market – Unique market only in Ha Giang

Instead of one market every 7 days, markets in remote areas will be held every 6 days, next week's market day will be delayed one day compared to the previous week. There are only four such special “lui” markets in Ha Giang Karst Plateau.
Can Cau Market

Can Cau Market

Located in Can Cau Commune, Si Ma Cai District, Lao Cai Province; Can Cau market is about 100km to the Northeast of Lao Cai City, about 30km to the North of Bac Ha Town, Bac Ha District, Lao Cai Province. Coming here, visitors have the opportunity to know about the vivid special market and to get...
Silver Waterfall Sapa Vietnam

Silver Waterfall Sapa

The feeling of standing in the middle of the majestic mountain forest and listening to the sound of a waterfall streaming down make us see how humble we are. Standing at the foot of Silver waterfall to watch the incredible and magical beauty of the waterfall when touring Sapa is really fascinating.
Boat trip on Ba Be Lakes - Ba Be National Park

History of creating Ba Be Lake

Ba Be Lake is a freshwater lake located between Ba Be and Cho Don districts in Bac Kan province. The lake is 8km long, 3km wide, at a height of 145m above sea level and was formed more than 200 million years ago. Surrounding the lake are ancient limestone mountains dating back over 450 million...
Cat Cat village - Sapa Vietnam

Cat Cat Village – The most beautiful ancient village in Sapa

Sapa Cloudy Paradise - the pride of the Northwestern mountainous region which is a no stranger to domestic and foreign tourists. Amidst the natural scenery of the majestic mountains and forests, there is a small idyllic, rustic village making anyone who comes to Sapa definitely have to pay a visit. That is the one and...
green rice fields in Ta Phin village, Sa Pa, Vietnam

Ta Phin Village

Sapa has gradually become an attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists in the North of Vietnam. With poetic mountain landscapes, Sapa is the place of highland people, especially those living in the villages, with their unique cultures. Ta Phin village of Sapa is one of the most visited villages.
The plump beauty of Quan Ba Ha Giang Twin Mountain

Quan Ba Ha Giang and the twin mountain

Surrouned by row and row of mountains and terraced fields, the round shape of Quan Ba Ha Giang Twin Mountain makes tourists feel surprised by the beauty of nature.