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Business Visa to Vietnam

In Vietnam, a business visa is also known as a DN visa which is issued for those who enter and remain in Vietnam for a maximum period of 12 months for the purposes of working with Vietnamese enterprises or conducting business activities such as meetings, signing business contracts, etc.


  1. Your passport with 6 month validity (at least) and two bank pages for Vietnam’s visa stamp and immigration stamp.
  2. A sponsor company in Vietnam



  1. Maximum 3 months (single or multiple entries), if you want to extend the visa, you need to have either Acceptant Letter from Labor Department (to get 1 month extension) or Work Permit ( to get 1 to 2 year Visa)
  2. You need to leave before Visa expire, apply for new business visa again if you want to come back




  1. Get APPROVAL LETTER from the VIETNAM IMMIGRATION. For that, the company in Vietnam must prepare documents needed and apply at immigration (Hanoi Immigration for company from Quang Nam going up, and Ho Chi Minh immigration for company from Quang Nam going down)
  2. The processing time will take 7 – 10 days
  3. Once we have the Approval Letter, If you choose to pick up visa at the Vietnam embassy (indicated in the application when apply for approval letter), then you need to come to the Vietnam embassy, show the approval letter, fax letter, fill out NA5 form, pay the fee and get your Business Visa (Fax might come late, so expect 2-3 days later from the day we received Approval letter)
  4. If you choose to pick up visa at Vietnam International Airport (only for urgent reasons), then you can just print the Approval Letter, and get the visa on Arrival)

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