Ba Be National Park

A Tay Ethnic Woman are working in the rice fields

The unique culture of people of Ba Be Lake area

Ba Be National Park, Bac Kan province is a pristine area where all the noise of the modern world has not really reached. Ba Be is beautiful with peaceful and quite scenery, with the vast green of the lake forest ecosystem, in the unique cultural characteristics of the peoples of Ba Be Lake area.
Puong Cave - Ba Be National Park

Puong Cave in Ba Be National Park

Puong cave is a large cave in northern Vietnam, included in Ba Be National Park in Bac Kan province, about 5 Km from Cho Ra town center. The cave is 300 meters long, more than 30 meters high, was formed when Nang River flows through under Lung Nham limestone mountain. It’s stunningly beautiful inside the...
Boat trip on Ba Be Lakes - Ba Be National Park

History of creating Ba Be Lake

Ba Be Lake is a freshwater lake located between Ba Be and Cho Don districts in Bac Kan province. The lake is 8km long, 3km wide, at a height of 145m above sea level and was formed more than 200 million years ago. Surrounding the lake are ancient limestone mountains dating back over 450 million...
An Ma Temple

An Ma Temple

On the journey to discover Ba Be area (Bac Kan), visitors will have the opportunity to visit and offer incense at An Ma Temple, immersed in the poetic and lyrical scene but still feel the sacred atmosphere of the Buddhist meditation place.
Dau Dang Waterfall

Dau Dang Waterfall

Nang River, when flowing into the H'mong village, descends from the large rocky slopes, forming the magnificent Dau Dang waterfall, which blends with the original forest landscape of Ba Be National Park. The waterfall is located about 4km from the West of Ba Be Lake, which is contiguous between Bac Kan and Tuyen Quang province.
Long Tong Festival in Ba Be National Park

Long Tong festival in Ba Be National Park

Long Tong festival is organized annually, this is the cultural and spiritual activity of Ba Be people. Since 2014, Ba Be Cage Festival has been recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as a National Intangible Cultural Heritage.
Pac Ngoi village among the mountainous landscape

Green beauty of Pac Ngoi village

Leaning against the mountain, looking down on Ba Be Lake, among beautiful stilt houses is Pac Ngoi village - Tay's cultural beauty - an interesting destination for tourists coming to Ba Be National Park.
Hua Ma Cave - Ba Be National Park

Hua Ma Cave – the best wonder of caves

Along with Ba Be Lake, Hua Ma Cave, known as " The Best Wonder of Caves", is one of the can’t miss destinations when visiting Ba Be and Bac Kan.

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