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The geographic heart of the nation, central Vietnam is packed with historic sights and cultural interest, and blessed with ravishing beaches and outstanding national parks. Marvel at Hue and its Imperial Citadel, royal tombs and excellent street food. Savour the unique heritage grace of riverside jewel Hoi An, and tour the military sites of the Demilitarised Zone (DMZ). Check out Danang, fast emerging as one of the nation’s most dynamic cities. Also emerging as a must-visit destination is the extraordinary Phong Nha region, home to three gargantuan cave systems (including the world’s largest cave), and a fascinating war history concealed amid stunning scenery. Enjoy well-earned downtime on the golden sands of An Bang Beach or learn to cook central Vietnamese cuisine, the nation’s most complex. With improving highways, and upgraded international airports at Hue and Danang, access to this compelling and diverse part of Vietnam has never been easier.


Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park has an essence that can’t be compared to anywhere else. Under the thick secondary and primary forests rests a prehistoric cave – an underground haven that will blow your mind. In addition to being one of the oldest karst formations, it is also one of the world’s biggest. Tectonic activity, erosion, and formation over a 400 million year span have produced one of the most breathtaking cave systems in the world, the beauty and scale of which you need to see to appreciate.

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This capitivtng city has a rich history and feels like it’s trapped in an era unto itself. Stone and brick maintain the legacy of Hue, making it hard to define as a contemporary or traditional setting. As Vietnam’s geographical, political, and cultural epicenter, Hue has survived incredible turmoil despite its grandiose eminence. Nowadays, the walls of the city are encased with the solemn yet beautiful charm. With its tumultuous history articulated on its scarred structures, there are plenty of stories concealed in the mildew-covered walls and moss-plagued stone.

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It’s hardly a surprise that Hoi An allures a large amount of domestic and foreign visitors annually. This frequently-visited destination has a little bit of everything. The places to shop, the artistry, the adventures, the beaches, and the history are all aspects of what makes this ancient town so charming, enchanting tourists and residents alike. The colorful lanterns and warm yellow structures so captivating that the environment looks like something out of a fantasy movie.

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Da Nang tends to be passed over and neglected because of the pair of cities by its sides, Hue and Hoi An. Located on the east coast of Vietnam, Da Nang is a seaside town that is starting to receive some notoriety. As the fifth largest city in Vietnam, Da Nang has much of the same amenities that Saigon and Hanoi have, though it has a much more tranquil and coastal vibe. 

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Da Lat’s climate isn’t the same as the rest of Vietnam. Tourists are capable of mistaking the area for a town in Europe. With the moniker of “The City of Eternal Spring,” you’ll find Da Lat’s climate to be balmy, which makes it the perfect getaway from the humidity and heat that dominates other regions. The climate of Da Lat makes it a ripe setting to grow all types of plant species (such as artichokes, pine trees, and strawberry plants) that would otherwise perish in the remainder of the country.

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