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Mr. Ng Hui – Singapore – Group of 4 – Fansipan Hiking

Dear Joey,

We really enjoyed our hike and would like to commend on our guide Zer, and porter Chong.

Zer was really cheerful and brought his cheerfulness to us as he was answering to our questions and requests throughout the hike. He was also enthusiastic to share his knowledge on the flora and fauna that we went past. We enjoyed our interactions as we shared on the differences in our culture and languages which brought a lot of insights to us. Most importantly, he was really patient as we were trailing behind during hike and he kept stopping to ensure we can keep up and that was we are safe.

Chung was also friendly and also taught us simple Viet mong language. He was also very sincere as he prepares our food enthusiastically, always tending to our requests as well. He must had a tough time carrying the heavy bag while accommodating to our slow pace.

We would love to have them have our group photos taken together. Would u be able to send them the attached photos and help us send them our regards?

In addition, a big thank you for helping us make the arrangements and responding to our many questions. Also, to the lady at the office area helping us with preparing hot water, hair dryer etc.

We will definitely recommend our friends.

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