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Sapa Stone Church

Sapa is a place which has various natural wonders, human and is also a place with many famous landscapes attracting tourists. Among them, Sapa Stone Church is considered a symbol and a highly attractive tourist destination. This church is also the main place for religious activities of Catholics in Sapa. We shall discover Sapa Stone Church through the following article.


Introduction of Sapa Stone Church

Sapa Stone Church was built in 1935 (early 20th century), this work was designed and built by French architects. It is considered the only entirely imprint of the French people in Sapa. Additionally, thanks to its early construction, along with the land and people here, Sapa Stone Church experienced a number of historic events and was through a lot of renovation but the church remains as its originality.

Sapa Stone Church
Sapa Stone Church

Architecture of Sapa Stone Church

Located in a prime location with Ham Rong Mountain in the back, Stone Church is on an area of ​​6000 square meters. The church area consists of 7 compartments, each of which is 500square meters, the bell tower is 20m high and there is a bell of 1.5m high and half a ton weigh inside. The whole church is built of cut stone, the blocks are connected by a mixture of sand, lime and molasses. The most attractive feature of this church is the ancient Gothic Roman church architecture style which is most easily recognized in the roof, the bell tower, the dome, etc. with pyramid form contributing the elegance and charming for the church.

In front of the church, there is a large yard, where people often gather for purchasing and selling everyday. Inside the church, there is a cathedral with 32 stained-glass windows with pictures of the mysteries of the rosary, the Saints and the journey to the Cross.

The Beauty of Sapa Stone Church

From distant past to present day, Sapa Stone Church is the place of traditional cultural activities for local ethnic people. If you come here every Saturday you can witness  the unique cultural activities of the ethnic minorities which tourists often call “love market.” Together with it, there is a prayer activity taking place on weekends with H’mong hymns chanted by the children.

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Moreover, you can visit the mossy and ancient mansions with their own delicacy, making a very characteristic “old castle in the sunset” scene. Especially, those ancient shadows dim looming in a veil of mist could make people feel dreamy. Visitor who came here once probably cannot forget the dense veil of mist and the stone church hidden in the mist. Taking a commemorative photo with Sapa Stone Church is undoubtedly the desire of any visitor when coming to this glorious wonderland.

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