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green rice fields in Ta Phin village, Sa Pa, Vietnam

Sapa has gradually become  an attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists in the North of Vietnam. With poetic mountain landscapes, Sapa is the place of highland people, especially those living in the villages, with their unique cultures. Ta Phin village of Sapa is one of the most visited villages. Let’s take a walk around Ta Phin Village of Sapa with The Terrible Tour Guide Travel!

Where is Ta Phin Village?

Located about 17km from Sapa town center, the road to Ta Phin village in Sapa is on the hillside. On both sides of the road, there are flowers with grass growing and showing off. Reaching the village, visitors are able to admire the beauty of terraced fields.

green rice fields in Ta Phin village, Sa Pa, Vietnam
green rice fields in Ta Phin village, Sa Pa, Vietnam

Ta Phin Village – The Village of Red Dao People

This is one of the most attractive places to visit in Sapa because of its beautiful natural landscape. Cultural life is bold with its own identity and famous for traditional brocades.

Ta Phin village is the principal habitat of the H’Mong and Red Dao people. Especially, right from the first moments you step in  Ta Phin village – Sapa, Dao people express their hospitality by their friendly and hospitable smiles.

Red Dao people have a different lifestyle from Mong people in Sapa, from clothing, writing to house architecture. Especially Red Dao people in Ta Phin village have customs of herbal bathing. Visitors come here should try this exciting service experience.

Red Dzao People in Ta Phin Village
Red Dzao People in Ta Phin Village

The Graceful Northwest Forest Mountain of Ta Phin Village – Sapa

Coming to Sapa, the first thing to attract tourists is the charm of the Dao and Mong girls. They are in colorful brocade suits, carrying the gentle and shy features of the highland girls.

When going deep into the village, tourists will find girls making brocade clothes and towels. Brocade here is embroidered with special patterns, such as birds and flowers from the northwestern mountains.

In particular, Ta Phin village – Sapa is also famous for many other traditional handcrafts, such as silver mosaic and forging. Therefore, visitors can buy unique silver jewelry products like bracelets, rings, necklaces, etc.

Wonderful scenery view from trekking path in mountains among rice fields near Ta Phin village in Sapa
Wonderful scenery view from trekking path in mountains among rice fields near Ta Phin village in Sapa

Explore the Elegance of Highland Village in Ta Phin Village – Sapa

The scenery in Ta Phin village – Sapa will surely be loved by many tourists because it is wild and rustic but not less dreamy. Especially, there are countless places to explore at Ta Phin village – Sapa, unique stilt houses, unique markets and golden terraced fields. At Ta Phin village, there is an Ancient Monastery searched for by a lot of young people. Entering here, you are free to  to take as many great pictures as you like.

Visitors can visit Ta Phin Cave located at the foot of Hoang Lien Son Mountain. Ta Phin Cave is about 5m high and 3m wide and has a passage through the ground. Inside the cave, there are so many stalactites of emerald color in a variety of shapes, such as the images of fairies, women carrying children, giant raspberries …

Going deep into the cave, visitors will see a large rock lying on its inclined side, on which imprinted with ancient drawings like chicken feet and horse’s toenails-like on the right. Opposite the rock, there is a cliff with finely carved French words.

Ta Phin village – Sapa – The Unique Cultural Life

Coming here, you will have the opportunity to learn about daily life , traditions, customs and practices of the ethnic minorities here for example dance ritual of Bai Tram capturing turtles, wedding ceremonies, love songs, etc. Besides, Mong people also have a ceremony to banish the bad luck, vows, worshiping ceremonies and especially the Gau Cao festival. In festivals, there are customs that we have never seen before. That’s the reason so many tourists are eager to come here.

At the center of Ta Phin village – Sapa is the community house. It has just been rebuilt with an architectural style inspired by the traditional red Dao’s scarf. This is the common place for tourists and residents. Here, visitors will be alble to hear and learn the culture and daily life of the highland people. Hearing and learning new facts will surely be a fascinating experience, right?

If you want to fully explore the beauty of Sapa, don’t forget to visit Ta Phin Village! You can read more about Sapa here: Sapa Vietnam Travel Guide

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