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View of Dong Van Sunday Market

Fair market is a unique culture of the northern mountains of Vietnam. Dong Van Sunday Market is one of the typical fair markets and most well-known by tourists.

Located in the old quarter of Dong Van town, Dong Van fair market is held once a week on Sunday. Dong Van market is the largest exchange and trading place in Dong Van – Meo Vac plateau. This fair is located in the community of Dong Van Old Quarter, is a major center of economic commodity trade and exchange of upland ethnic groups. This place converges many cultural features that are not everywhere.

View of Dong Van Sunday Market
View of Dong Van Sunday Market

Dong Van Sunday market is held on a large land area, with the overall U-shaped architecture, built of stone. With such a large architecture, Dong Van market attracts many items (agricultural products, vegetables, meat, brocade fabric …) of the ethnic people here. Each type of item is displayed in each space to facilitate buyers to buy.

About the history of Dong Van Sunday market, perhaps no one knows when the market has ever existed, just knowing that every Sunday, local people are bustling to bring self-produced products here to exchange and trade. From 3 am, when the fog still covers in this highlands, local people cross the mountains to arrive at the market in time.

H'mong people selling corn wine in Dong Van Market
H’mong people selling corn wine in Dong Van Market

The fair market becomes an indispensable cultural beauty in the life of the highland people in Ha Giang. Dong Van fair market is very beautiful with colorful colors of the costumes of the Dao, Mong, Tay, Nung, Giay, Lo Lo … people. The trading atmosphere makes the quiet old quarter suddenly become so crowded and excited. Sunday seems to have become a festival for people here. In addition to trading and exchanging goods, people come to Dong Van market to exchange relations, meet people, gather friends, especially this is the dating place of boys and girls.

Dong Van fair market is a place to meet friends and exchange goods

Dong Van Market is an ancient market, located in populations of Dong Van Old Quarter. Therefore, every month on the 14th, 15th, 16th day of the lunar month, the extremely special and typical cultural activities of the highlands, including the fighting birds, traditional brocade weaving performances among ethnic groups here are taken place here. This is a unique and extremely different culture of Dong Van market in Ha Giang, but not everywhere.

Dong Van Sunday Market became an extremely close and sacred part in the life and culture of the land in the top part of country, Ha Giang. It is not simply a market in its literal sense.

Market is the culture of the land in the top part of country, Ha Giang
Market is the culture of the land in the top part of country, Ha Giang

Dong Van Market has an extremely simple beauty that any tourist who visits this market can feel. People coming to the fair market often go with the whole family. This is a picture of women trading and exchanging goods, next to them, husbands sitting by the glasses of corn wine and bowls of “thắng cố” (a specialty of Ha Giang) to chat and drink until being dead drunk …

Dong Van Market is a unique beauty of the land in the top part of country. When traveling to Ha Giang, do not forget to explore here!

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