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Do it your self (DIY) or tour booking for trekking Fansipan is one of the issues concerned by those who are passionate about traveling. However, either DIY or tour booking has its own fascinating features. The following article will analyze from many different aspects so that you have the right choice between DIY and tour selection for the journey to conquer Fansipan peak.



When choosing Fansipan trekking in a tour, you will be consulted by a travel company on a package tour with a suitable schedule and price. All costs will be paid in advance to the travel company and you will not have to spend any more money related to the trip except the individual shopping costs. And therefore, you will easily estimate the amount of money you have to spend on your trip as well as limit the costs incurred.

Fansipan Peak – a name that brings about excitement and challenges to young people thus becomes the top conquest target in Vietnam.


To meet the demand of Fansipan trekking, there are various travel companies offering Fansipan climbing package tours for tourists. Prices of tours offered by distinguished agencies will vary. You can refer to Fansipan climbing tour price of The Terrible Tour Guide Travel as follows:

For Fansipan trekking on your own, you have to set up a detailed expenditure plan for the trip all by yourself. People with DIY travel experience will not have problem spending, but if you are a newbie on this, the cost estimation will be quite difficult. In case of not being smart enough, the actual cost shall be even more than the original plan.

Besides, according to the share of a number of DIY tourists, no matter how thoroughly you plan, the actual cost will arise a little more than the original estimation. Therefore, it is necessary to calculate carefully, do not let anything go out of your control while being in a strange place.



Fansipan is so-called the roof of Indochina with the height of 3,143m, the highest mountain of the three Indochina countries. To reach this glorious peak, you will have to cross dangerous roads, with complex terrain with lots of ramps, slippery and erratic changes of weather. Therefore, conquering Fansipan Peak is a significant challenge.

Regarding safety, climbing Mount Fansipan by tour will be more appreciated than DIY Fansipan climbing. Booking a tour for Mount Fansipan, you will be guided by experienced porters, tour guides who are familiar with the terrain and flexible with your time and your actual. Therefore, when you encounter a problem, you will receive support and help from those people. Additionally, travel companies have to buy travel insurance to ensure visitors’ benefits.

On the contrary, for DIY Fansipan trekking, you have to manage yourself to find ways to solve any unintended incidents. And surely, you will not enjoy travel insurance in case of risks like when using the Fansipan trekking tour. But DIY also has its own positive elements. For example, in the journey, incidents and risks will be an opportunity to help you develop your ability to handle situations, survival skills and cultivate more soft skills for yourself.

However, you should well bear in mind that your life and health are those cannot be taken for risk. So, if you have not equipped yourself with the best skills to climb Fansipan, then select a prestigious and valuable Fansipan trekking tour for your experience.

Fansipan Trekking Tour with The Terrible Tour Guide
Safety is top priority in the process of conquering Fansipan



For Fansipan hiking by tour, you will not have to spend time thinking, exploring to set up a suitable suitable because everything handled by the tour provider. You just need to prepare clothes, belongings and follow the schedule. However, the disadvantages of Fansipan hiking tour in particular and the tours in general is the flexibility. When choosing the tour booking, you must accept absolute adherence to the schedule and porter.

For instance, on the road to Fansipan peak you have to go through the Mount Salt (Muoi), and you would like to stop here to visit and take pictures but there is no stop at the Mount Salt in the schedule, then you have to follow the delegation. This issue causes a great number of people feeling like trip is not comfortable. Therefore, before choosing a tour, learn carefully the schedule of each tour to choose the one suiting you best. However this will not be a problem when you choose to trek Fansipan in private tour

For DIY Fansipan trekking, you will design the schedule for yourself. Scheduling is not easy, it takes a lot of time and requires you to have a thorough understanding of the terrain, destinations, weather …

Following your schedule will make you feel more comfortable. Particularly, in the process of trekking Fansipan, you can also be flexible in terms of time and place to visit without any constraints. Nonetheless, it is advisable to be flexible under well calculation, do not go too far, leaving the schedule behind is easy to make your Fansipan trekking trip does not meet the set objectives.

The Terrible Tour Guide Travel organizes Fansipan trekking tour 2D1N daily!


These are some of the aspects that make it easy for you to choose Fansipan trekking by DIY or by tour. At the end of the day, the choice is still yours, but we wish you have the best choice to succeed in Fansipan trekking!

If you trek Fansipan on a tour, learn carefully to choose a suitable and quality tour. Currently, there are many agencies offering Fansipan trekking tours but the quality of the tours is not the same. If you are still questioning the choice of prestigious and valuable for Fansipan trekking tour; you can consult The Terrible Tour Guide Team‘s tour.

The Terrible Tour Guide’s trekking tour is appreciated by many people not only in the quality but also in the dedication of the porter team and experienced guides well understanding the terrain. For more information, please contact us immediately to get the most specific advice. We wish you have the most inspiring moment for Fansipan trekking.

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