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Conquering Fansipan Mountain – The Indochina’s Roof is an eternal desire for a number of people. It is not only attracted by the feeling of conquering the nature and the highest mountain of Indochina, but Fansipan is like a picturesque of nature among the astonishing mountains as well. So which is best season for trekking Fansipan?  Let The Terrible Tour Guide Travel provide you with some practical suggestions in the article below!

Fansipan Mountain - Hoang Lien Son National Park
Fansipan Mountain belongs to Hoang Lien Son range


Fansipan Peak is located at the altitude of 3,143m above sea level. This is the highest peak of 3 countries in the Indochina Peninsula. Weather in Fansipan is affected by the Northern climate and also divided into 4 distinct seasons.

So which is best season for Fansipan trekking? There is one thing that The Terrible Tour Guide Team would like to assure you: Fansipan is always beautiful. In each season, every time, Fansipan bears with its own fascinating beauty. But perhaps to answer the question of which best season is for Fansipan trekking, then the appropriate time for the journey to conquer the “roof of Indochina” is from September to the end of April of the following year, which is also the time of the season of Do Quyen flowers and ripe rice. During then, the best time should be October and November.

On top of Fansipan Mountain
Cold season is the best time for the journey to conquer Fansipan peak



In September to April, the weather in the North does not rain often and the temperature in the mountain is not too cold; hence, it is easier and safer to conquer Fansipan peak. Whether at any time, it is cold in the mountain, the higher it gets, the cooler it is and the night temperature is lower than the day temperature from 6-10 degrees Celsius.

Fansipan Mountain Trekking
Please answer yourself the question of which is best season for Fansipan climbing? before deciding to conquer the “roof of Indochina” to stay healthy.


The coldest temperature in September, October and November may fall between 3 and 4 degrees Celsius at night. From December to March, the temperature may drop to 0 degrees Celsius or lower and there is snowing. Weather on Fansipan changes every hour and you are really in need a bit of “serendipity” to witness the crystal-clear blue sky at the peak. Sometimes, in the middle of the mountain, it is beautiful and sunny, but it is cloudy all over the peak. However, if you are lucky to travel in glorious weather, you will bring yourself with wonderful unforgettable moments at Fansipan.

It is advisable to update the weather forecast at the peak of the following day from the previous night to be able to properly prepare for the journey. If you burn with “ambition” to hunt clouds at Fansipan, you should bear in mind the experience of going to Fansipan by cable car.

Which is best season for Fansipan trekking? The time from February to April is the season where the Do Quyen flowers are blooming. Fansipan is then known as the wonderland of Do Quyen flowers, thanks to its cool and fresh weather, Do Quyen flowers are also diverse in types and colors.

bright red Do Quyen flower on Fansipan
Season of bright red Do Quyen flower on Fansipan trekking journey


At Fansipan, it is estimated that there are about 50 species of Do Quyen flower with their popular colors such as: red, yellow, purple, orange, pink, … vibrant colors bringing Fansipan a stunning shade.

Do Quyen flowers bloom in Fansipan all year round, but for the most outright experience, you can observe thousands of Do Quyen flower blooming over Hoang Lien Son ranges between February and April by lunar calendar. At this time, Do Quyen flowers blooms more and becomes more beautiful than ever. If you have ever wondered “Which is best season for Fansipan climbing?” it is probably this time where watching Do Quyen flowers blossoming making all your tiredness disappear.

Do Quyen flowers scatter naturally throughout Hoang Lien Son range will show off its best beauty only for explorers trekking the mountain to see and love Sapa more and more. If you trek Fansipan on this occasion, do not forget to admire the harmonious natural landscape and capture the wonderful photos of azaleas on your way.


In addition to the Do Quyen flowers season in Fansipan, The Terrible Tour Guide Team also recommends you go to Sapa in the autumn – the ripe rice season, or more precisely, around the end of September to November.

rice season in Sapa
The season of golden harvest rice on Fansipan trekking journey

This is the time where there is the most beautiful weather in Sapa with its unique of 4 distinct seasons in a day and so is in Fansipan. If you have the opportunity to embrace the journey to conquer Fansipan peak on this occasion, you will have the opportunity to eyewitness the panoramic terraced fields in the harvest season, in harmony with the green background of the Hoang Lien Son range and the deep blue sky. This is a spectacular natural picture for those fancies “hunting” worth-taking photos.

Fansipan Ocean Cloud
Journey to conquer Fansipan peak is not only a challenge for Vietnamese people but also for international visitors


Perhaps touching the landmark at the roof of Indochina for once will be a perception happening once in a life time that you desire to have. The chant “Let’s climb up the peak, let me carve my name in the world” may be the words for your encouragement.

What hold you up, please register Fansipan Trekking Tour early today. You shall have an unforgettable remembrance!

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