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Coming to Sapa, visitors are not only sightseeing ordinary and simple monuments of this highland town but can also take part in risky activities, challenging their own abilities such as conquering Fansipan Mountain. To overcome this challenge, you must be prepared mentally as well as equipment. Here are some Fansipan experiences which will help you conquer the highest mountain in Vietnam.

Fansipan with an altitude of 3.143m, is the Roof of Indochina


1. Pay attention to the weather factor!

“Right place, right moment” will partly determine the success for your trip. According to Sapa travel experiences, if on the days that Sapa has low-temperatures, you will most likely encounter rain and fog which will seriously affect your trip because Fansipan is a mountain with sloping terrain.

Besides that, when it rains, it will definitely affect your mood and determination, the interest in your trip will reduce making it much more difficult. In addition, rain and wind will not give you memorablel pictures. In addition, this is also suitable weather conditions for mosquitoes. So, before deciding to conquer this mountain, make sure that you have checked the weather situation in the northwest and Sapa areas.

Trekking Fansipan Mountain
With high slopes and difficulties like Fansipan peak, it will be a huge obstacle for you if the weather does not support your trip.


2. More important is your health factor

Be prepared and in very good health, enough for you to complete this difficult challenge. About 3-5 days before climbing the mountain you should practice; light exercise such as walking, yoga or jogging and limit smoking. Be prepared, happy and in comfortable spirit. If close friends can join you to climb the mountain it will be better; it will create a high team spirit and help you with support.

You should bring some popular medicines such as flu medicine, diarrhea medicine, wind oil, cotton, bandages, medical alcohol, salonpas patches and some highly-nutritious candies such as tonic fat candy, chocolate, ginseng candy. These are Fansipan hiking tips that we summarized through many trips.

Trekking Fansipan With family
This boy has been trained by his father 2 months before the journey in order to conquering Fansipan together


Even if you have good health, you should not be complacent because the journey will be more difficult than you think. After 2h – 3h climbing, you will begin to feel pain in your calf or knee making it hard to walk. At the moment, the most important thing is your mental must be very strong, to maintain the spirit, to confirm that you will climb to the top.

Next, take about 5-minute break to massage your legs and rub oil (please note that it is not advisable to take too long break, it will make you being lazy to continue). Be careful not affect to the will of the whole team if you cannot go on. In case you really could not continue, you have to go back to the resting station to wait for the team to return, but remember to take food and water.

Friendship will be more stronger when you climb together to the top of the highest mountain in Vietnam


According to experts, people who have heart disease, respiratory failure, blood pressure, pregnant should not climb the mountain. The days before climbing you should eat enough nutrients, use vitamin C supplement, drink enough water, limit alcohol and it is important to sleep 7 hours a day.

Note: For those who are taking long-term medicine, you must remember to bring medicine during the trip to Sapa Vietnam.


3. If you choose to undertake this challenge alone

Firstly, you should choose an enthusiastic guide who must understand and know the terrain very well. This person may be Hmong or local to Sapa will be better, however, the cost is slightly higher.

Secondly, prepare a sleeping tent because there are 2 night stops on the way: one at an altitude of 2200m (it has temperature about 12 – 15 ° C in the summer time and about 8-10 ° C in the winter time), the rest stop is at an altitude of 2800m (in summer time it has temperature is about 10 – 15 ° C, winter time is about 1 – 5 ° C). If you choose 2 days 1 night, you should normally sleep at an altitude of 2800m. If you go 3 days 2 nights, both nights will sleep at an altitude of 2200m and then returning by Sin Chai way is more beautiful. However, each of these stops can only accommodate about 15-20 people. On holidays there are many tourists, it may lack enough sleeping places, so, according to our Fansipan hiking experience you should bring your own sleeping tent, sleeping bag to make sure you have your own sleeping place.

Trekking Fansipan Alone
The feeling of being alone on Fansipan Peak and looking at the scenery and the smallness of human before mother nature is also very interesting!


Please rent or buy types of tents, sleeping bags with light parachute fabric material, neat and convenient to carry, it is warm and wind protection, avoiding insects. Besides that, you should buy insurance before hiking to avoid unfortunate accidents because the risk when climbing is quite high.

Fansipan Peak
Standing on the peak of Fansipan, it will make us feel like riding on the clouds, letting the soul follow the wind


4. Food and drink

The ancients had an idiom: A hungry belly has no ears. If you climb the mountain for 2 to 3 days, you will surely have to bring food, because no one can conquer the challenge with an empty stomach. You should eat cooked and drink boiled and bring simple and snack food rich in nutrients such as vegetables and fruits grown in Sapa. Breakfast should be a package of instant noodles, instant noodle … in a plastic bowl available in the supermarket, ready-made coffee or ginger tea is the best, it will help you keep warm. Besides that, you should bring some fruits with high vitamin C content such as oranges, tangerines, mangoes to eat along the way to regain strength.

Cooking in Fansipan
Cooking together is fun, but you should bring some snacks and candies to eat along the way to give you extra energy


Coming to Sapa and conquering Fansipan mountain will be an unforgettable memory in your life. These are 4 things that we want to share with you if you want to conquer Fansipan Mountain. Hopefully, those experiences will somewhat help your trip to be successful.

These tips to conquer Fansipan peak is helpful for those who love a challenge. Read some additional items as well as necessary notes when conquering “Roof of Indochina” in the next part of the article.

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