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Through the first part of this article, we hope you are able to choose the right equipment and prepare mentally to conquer the highest mountain in Vietnam. In this article, we will continue to bring valuable experiences, making your trip safer and more convenient. It is about preparing the necessary equipment – which determines 50% of your success.

Conquering Fansipan Peak is the dream of many hikers


5. Please pay attention to communication factor

You can use cell phones in many places, but there are some areas where there is no connection. According to Fansipan travel tips, you should pay attention of the following:

    • Predetermined communication signal (with everyone in the group or with the guide if you go alone)
    • If you already have a road map in hand, then pre-arrange stop stations to wait for each other.
    • If you go with a large group, should divide the group into smaller groups to make sure no one gets lost.
    • Please bring and use support facilities such as horn, radio, fireworks, lights, road markers for pre-arranged situations and means of generating emergency signals.


6. Essential equipment when conquering Fansipan Peak

General requirements are: Clothing must be neat, smooth, easy to move, sweat-absorbent, insulated, waterproof, anti-insect, help you keep warm when it is cold … This is really a useful Fansipan hiking tips but only those who have experienced it could understand and explain. Below are detailed instructions for each type of equipment and necessary tools that you should bring when conquering the “Roof of Indochina”:

Firstly is mountain climbing shoes, there are many types of shoes, depending on the weather as well as favorite designs, so choose the right shoes. If it is sunny, we should choose the shoes type of soldier, it will be the best one because it is easy to move, soft, airy, no sweat in the foot, the ankle lace is strong and close to the ankles. So you should choose shoes according to the lasting criteria and road holding, it will help you a lot in the process of overcoming the challenges. If you travel in the winter time, then waterproof shoes will help you wade through shallow water, depending on the cushioned leather underneath and the lace attached to the shoe’s body.

An alpenstock walking stick is an essential item, it is a solid metal type, however, to save and reduce cost, you can hire them in Sapa. Another kind is usually made of an old bamboo tree in the forest.

Please equip for yourself with rubber gloves, this type is thin and has high adhesion, it will help you feel very comfortable when doing things like: sticking fast to side of a mountain, branch, taking photo …

Protection for your ankles and knees should be used to help you avoid sprains or pulled muscles during your hike.

According to many Fansipan hiker experiences regarding clothing, you should choose clothes which are made of soft, neat, airy cotton material, easy to move. Bringing with you two sets of clothes: one you wear and one for change. If possible, carrying pajamas is a good idea. If it is raining or snowing, it is essential to bring a waterproof anorak because it is so difficult to wear a normal raincoat for moving and climbing.

A hat is an essential item. Choose a soft hat with a wide brim, a hat strap because when climbing up to an altitude of 2500m, the wind will be quite strong. At the same time, you should bring a wool hat to cover your head and ears to keep it warm when you go to sleep. Hats will help you stay healthy.

Hikers should choose a compact backpack with a sturdy strap because if the backpack is broken, it will be very difficult to repair. Your backpack should only weigh about 5 – 8 kg for ease of movement. You should charge your phone battery fully before you go and bring a small plastic bag to protect the camera and phone from the rain.

To ensure health, you should bring a scarf, because when sleeping at altitude above 2000m, the weather will be quite cold. A scarf will help you avoid getting a sore throat and getting sick while sleeping in the forest. They can also be used to bandage the wounds when needed. Don’t forget to bring a face wash cloth, brush, toothpaste and other essentials to clean personally!

Each person should bring a small, electrically charged flash-light. If you can buy the head-lamp to wear on your head is the best because this type keeps charged about 8-10 hours and extremely bright. Lighting will help you a lot when you need to go to the toilet or have to travel in the dark. It is also particularly useful when there is an unfortunate incident where you need to move in the night in an emergency in the forest. If traveling with a big group, it is advisable to bring a large-capacity electric light or a type of small electrical generator. Bring candles with you too so you can save electricity. You can plug candles into cane branches and push them into the ground. Firelight can light up space and help us feel warmer. These Fansipan hiking tips has been synthesized and summarized through the sharing of experiences of those who went before.

If you are not a professional photographer, you should bring a compact mini-travel camera with you because when you are on the forest road, they are very easy to hit the rocks and trees. You should put it in a bag you wear in front of your chest. Remember to bring a small plastic bag for the camera to avoid rain damage.


7. Other Attentions

Please protect the forest and keep the environment clean. In general, everyone should have responsibility to protect the environment, especially the tourism environment. You are all responsible for the world environment, so don’t throw garbage along the way. When having garbage, put it in a bag or your backpack, you can throw it in the trashcan at each stop. Do not engrave, write, draw on stone or on tree trunks along the way. Do not damage the trees, fire in the forest especially in the dry season is high risk. Create a nice, clean area for foreigners and domestic tourists to come here to have a good sympathy for Fansipan of Vietnam.

These are 7 things you should pay attention in the most detailed and complete way. We hope that by sharing this information, you will have a special and memorable conquest, making an unforgettable memory in your life.


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