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Lung Khuy Cave-Quan Ba-Ha Giang

7 caves in Ha Giang that many people may not know about

Ha Giang is famous for its majestic mountains and dangerous passes. So many travelers often come here to conquer the northernmost point of the country. However, in addition to the majestic beauty, Ha Giang also has a mysterious beauty that few people know. It is the attraction from the caves that lie deep in each...
The lui market is the busiest activity of ethnic people in Ha Giang every week

The “lui” Market – Unique market only in Ha Giang

Instead of one market every 7 days, markets in remote areas will be held every 6 days, next week's market day will be delayed one day compared to the previous week. There are only four such special “lui” markets in Ha Giang Karst Plateau.
Pa Then Fire dance festival is usually held every year in new year’s eve of the old year and the new year

Unique Pa Then Fire Dance in Ha Giang

Ha Giang is a province with majestic and wild natural beauty. Besides that beauty, the festival is a unique cultural feature, making the identity of the upland area. Let's explore Pa Then fire dance festival, the private soul of the Pa Then ethnic group.
Giay Ethnic People

The unique culture of Giay ethnic people in Ha Giang

Located on high mountain passes in Meo Vac district, Tat Nga village, Tat Nga commune, it is a main living place of the Giay ethnic people in Ha Giang. Besides the natural landscape, the special cultural features here are specially preserved, making it become a remarkable place for tourists to discover Ha Giang province.
The plump beauty of Quan Ba Ha Giang Twin Mountain

Quan Ba Ha Giang and the twin mountain

Surrouned by row and row of mountains and terraced fields, the round shape of Quan Ba Ha Giang Twin Mountain makes tourists feel surprised by the beauty of nature.
The crowded Khau Vai love market attracts many people from the villages

Khau Vai Love Market

Have you ever heard about Khau Vai love market in Ha Giang? It is a unique market, bringing many cultural identities and customs of the upland ethnic minorities. This is not just a normal market but a 'love market'. Let's travel to Ha Giang to explore this unique market.
Hoang Su Phi with diverse pedology and soil resources

Hoang Su Phi Rice Terraced Fields

Hoang Su Phi rice terraced fields – the irresistible beauty. Traveling to Ha Giang to discover the beauty of the ripe rice seasons in the highlands. It is 110 km from Ha Giang city, along National Highway 2 and Provincial Road 177, Hoang Su Phi is a district located in the west of Ha Giang.
Dong Van Karst Plateau

Dong Van Karst Plateau

Dong Van Karst Plateau, also known as Dong Van Highland, is a stone plateau spread over four districts, including Quang Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van, Meo Vac of Ha Giang province. Dong Van Karst Plateau has an area of 2356.80 km2, located 150 km from Ha Giang town, having the average height from 1.000 to...
Ma Pi Leng - the extreme of danger and effort to open the way to the stone plateau

Ma Pi Leng Pass – The most majestic landscape in Ha Giang

With the position of the majestic landscape, to arriving Ma Pi Leng Pass, a famous tourist destination, one of the 11 majestic landscapes of Ha Giang, we must overcome the roads, the extremely dangerous turnings. It can be said that “Bất đáo Pì Lèng phi phượt thủ” (it means that if you do not yet...

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